About Us

MAKKA MINE LIMITED is a team of people focused on the results of their work. Under the leadership of Alexander James, we create an asset management company whose synonyms are: reliability, guarantee and security of the funds entrusted to us. We follow proven methods that were developed long before the launch of the online platform. Our company was registered on 22nd April 2022 and from the very first days of operation, in consultation with capital markets experts, we have developed methods that allow our investors to achieve great passive income.
In addition to the management board, our company employs or cooperates on a daily basis with several experts who have shown above-average results in asset management in recent years. We work on the most professional trading platforms and use professional equipment. Makka mine is a team of people responsible for security, effective multiplication of accumulated funds, full diversification of activities.
Our vision is to replace traditional payment system into digital payments through MAKKAMINE & identify the best sources to promote metal mining worldwide.
To create a marketplace with global reach to provide a most secure and trusted platform.
To bring the various professional under one umbrella for effective and faster communications